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Studying a Postgraduate Diploma: What to Expect

Wondering about what to expect if you’re going to study a Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) after you’ve completed your undergraduate qualification? Luckily, your PGDip shouldn’t be too different from your undergraduate degree, but there will still be some things (mainly relating to the standard of your work) that you’ll have to adjust to.

Will there be more work?

Given that your PGDip qualification is more advanced than your BA or BSc, it is likely there will not only be more work, but that anything you do submit should be written to a consistently high standard.

Having said this, before you are given a place on your course, your university of choice will have not only seen your academic transcript, but will have had references from previous tutors, and will know that you are more than capable of meeting their standards.

Will I have to write a dissertation?

No. A PGDip is different from a Master’s degree in that it doesn’t require students to complete a dissertation. However, those wishing to continue their studies at PhD level should take a Master’s course. If you’re undecided over whether to study for an MA/MSc or PGDip then look for a course that gives you the option to convert your PGDip into an MA/MSc over the summer months.

How much contact time will I get?

The contact time you get will very much depend upon your course of study. However, the teaching structure will be similar to that of an undergraduate course. Your time will be split between attending lectures and seminars and carrying out your own work and research – expect to become well acquainted with the library!

You’ll also be allocated an academic tutor upon your arrival at the university, and you will be encouraged to meet with them on a regular basis throughout your study time. They will not only be able to assist you with any academic problems you may have, but will also be able to offer advice and career guidance.

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