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Architecture Careers

The skills developed in architecture courses are useful for success in a range of jobs. Acquiring architecture qualifications will show employers that you have talents in design, creativity and project management, as well as a wealth of knowledge in construction, safety regulations and technology. If you’re considering taking a course and wondering what jobs you can get with an architecture degree, we have listed out a range of potential roles below, along with salary information for each job. 



Many people will take architecture degrees with the ultimate goal of becoming an architect. This role will involve all the skills developed on the courses, offering students the opportunity to take full advantage of their qualifications. It will eventually lead to registration with the Architects Registration Board (ARB). 

Architects will plan and design new buildings, from initial sketches to blueprints and even all the way to monitoring construction in progress. They will often liaise with clients to decide upon projects, and then manage these projects using their knowledge of design and construction. 

The role offers flexibility for people to specialise in areas of architecture that they enjoy, or to work independently and start their own architecture firm. 

Architect salary: around £38,000 

Landscape Architect 

While architects will often design buildings, landscape architects will work to design outdoor spaces, including parks, gardens, playgrounds and more. This will appeal to people who enjoy working in the outside world and have an interest in the environment. 

The role can include planning green spaces like fields, trees and bushes, as well as establishing placements of roads, pavements and more. Landscape architects will often need to consult with clients as well as local residents, and work with a variety of other professionals to carry out projects. 

Landscape Architect salary: around £32,000 

Chartered Surveyor 

Surveyors can be involved in the valuation, buying, selling, management and development of land or buildings. Alternatively, they can be involved in the costing or design of a new building prior to and during a project, or advise clients on maintenance, repair and renovation of existing buildings. 

They will often manage projects such as regenerating derelict estates, redeveloping sites for commercial use or housing, checking the condition of existing property or supervising existing building projects. Chartered status can be achieved through the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) or the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB). 

Chartered Surveyor salary: around £35,000 

Town Planner 

Town planners have a broad training in the arts, sciences and humanities alongside knowledge of architecture. This training aims to develop practitioners with the ability to think critically about the interrelationships between culture, economic development and the environment and their competing claims for space. 

Planning involves the management and development of urban and rural areas in order to protect and best serve the present and future generations. All planning issues deal with conflicting demands – planners must analyse and evaluate these demands and advise on the best options. The role allows people to specialise in urban design, structural surveying, conservation, community engagement, sustainable development and a host of other areas. 

Town Planner salary: around £39,000 

CAD Technician 

Using CAD (computer-aided design) software to create technical drawings, CAD technicians will help architects to design the structures they are looking to build. The role requires a lot of technical knowledge and computer proficiency, but also benefits from creative thinking and problem-solving skills. 

The expertise gained training to be a CAD technician can also be used outside of architecture, as the technical drawing aspect will be useful for designing all manner of things, from cars to computers. 

CAD Technician salary: around £28,000

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