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Andrew Sanders - Facilities

Last Updated:

10th July 2013

We're very proud of the facilities at the University of Birmingham and the University as a whole has a large number of facilities all pretty much on one campus.

The law school in particular has a very special place right at the heart of the university. It has its own building where most of the teaching goes on, where most staff are located. There's a common room for post graduate students and computer classes specifically for post graduate research and top students. We also have a law library which is extremely well equipped with specialist law librarians.

One of the most exciting new developments in the school is the Center for Professional Education and Research. This center cuts across all the different subject areas the school is engaged in and it hangs to make a bridge between the academic work that we do in the law school and the practical work of the leading professions outside the school. But by linking professions, we're not thinking of just the solicitors and barristers, we're thinking of the legally related work, such as in the criminal justice system, and government non governmental organizations, charities and so forth. We think this ability to make the law live by bringing in experts from outside working with the experts we have in the school makes a really exciting environment to study in, and also gives students a really, really good idea of the world outside which helps them find very good careers.

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