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Chris Pawson - Postgraduate Overview

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11th June 2013

There's a very broad portfolio of programs in the school of psychology, particularly at post grad level. We have a very strong applied focus trying to encourage the development of employability in our students. There are a broad range of programs from master's programs in very specific, cutting edge areas of psychological research and the areas of the discipline. Then more professional training programs such as professional doctorates. Examples of master's post grad programs are things like Applied Psychology, Positive Psychology.

The Positive Psychology program was the first in the country for that area of research. Professional doctorates for those who are often in a role already and want to gain promotion or more skills, we have programs like Occupational Psychology, Child and Educational Psychology, and of course, clinical training programs as well. We have a master's program in Clinical and Community Psychology, but also we have a professional doctorate. That's for students who are looking to become clinical psychologists and practice in the NHS for example.

Now in terms of the skills across the board, we're very applied, so we're very strongly bent on employability and those sorts of skills. I think the key thing for us is we're very keen to provide placements where possible so that those skills are being developed by individuals while they're still pre-graduation that they can then take with them into the work place. Also, these courses are all informed by practitioners who they themselves are practicing so the majority of those teaching on the educational and on the clinical psychology programs will be practicing themselves within those roles.

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