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Gillian Pallis - Course Overview

Last Updated:

12th July 2013

We have LLM programs that span petroleum, energy sectors, and mining. Similarly, we have MC energy studies programs, which are economics-based in discipline, and likewise they span the natural resources sectors and energy as well. We also, accompanying that, have management programs, which concern specialist MBA programs in international mineral resource management and also international oil and gas management.

The key characteristic of the natural resources industry is that the complexity of the industry requires professionals who have got a multidisciplinary approach. In terms of our LLM programs, we require that students also have the basic grounding in economics and also a very basic grounding in some aspects of finance.

This enables a very particular type of post-graduate student, who can actually engage with complex policies concerning the development of legislation, protecting natural resources, or likewise working for international oil companies, international mining companies, energy companies, where predominantly they will be engaged in working with government.

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