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Helen Mitchell - Department Overview

Last Updated:

04th July 2013

We have a wide range of provision at post graduate level in the household of education communities. We've got a core program, which is the MA education program, and I will talk about how that works and why it's a core program later on. We have a MA in early childhood studies, an MA in multilingualism, an MA in special education needs, an MA youth in community, MA social work, MA creative leadership and education, and MA literacy and education. So those are all broad areas that we cover in terms of our research knowledge expertise. And the opportunities to study at a high level.

We're supported by range of research institutes. Both within the castle of education communities and the wider University, Where there is a high level of expertise in understanding things like the impact of poverty on achievement and understanding the development in the context of pupils, student, teachers, adults, learners in our local communities. We're also very involve in a range of projects that are aimed raising aspiration, regeneration, and achievement. Which enables us to bring that knowledge and that experience to the master's programs that we deliver.

We have, across the team, a very diverse and wide range of expertise to a very specialist level through people's doctoral study and their research work. In particular we have a high degree of specialism in the area of reading, literacy, language development, communication, oracy, and dialectic teaching. We have people who specialize in leadership. We have people who specialize in a range of subject in term of subject knowledge development. Particularly the secondary sector, but also the primary sector, and that's across a wide range of subjects. Everybody has got extensive knowledge and expertise of core things like circular planning, assessment, behavior management. Mainly our greatest expertise is in pedagogy and all that entails, in terms of learning and teaching across all sectors from early year settings through to post compulsory.

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