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Lee Barron - Facilities and Resources

Last Updated:

30th May 2013

We have all kinds of syllabis. We have flat teaching, we have class teaching; we have various media approaches, various media technologies. The MAs tend not to use those because of the way in which MAs are taught and MSCs are taught, but we have a really vibrant environment. We have contacts with industries, so our students in mass communication visit the BBC to really see what's going on within the industry. We have industry bodies coming in to talk about some of the major developments going on. So, we pride ourselves on having an environment that, in many respects, makes being an MA student a little different from being an undergraduate student. So, we want our MA students and MSc students to feel really part of what we do and part of the student culture.

I think the student experience isn't just a watch word or kind of an empty label. It's what we pride ourselves on. Coming to university is a big investment now. It always was, but more than ever. And we want our students to have a great experience, to meet other students, to work as groups, to make friends that will last a lifetime, but also to kind of come out of university ready and understanding the world to which they want to work in.

The exciting thing about media, and also sometimes scary, is that it never stands still. And these students really understand the kind of practices that are going on. So, even the theory courses, they're not theoretical, they're explaining what is governing the industrial practices that are affecting these industries and the kind of global changes and transformations that underpin them.

So, it doesn't really matter which one you do, you can still get out there and really make a difference. And I think that's what we want. We want students who have come through two degrees, but are very clear on where they want to go, and we equip them to do that.

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