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Lynne Livesey - Applicants and Support

Last Updated:

12th July 2013

What we're looking for with the postgraduate applicants really depends upon whether we're taking them on to our postgraduate professional courses or our postgraduate academic courses. For someone coming on to our professional postgraduate courses we're looking clearly for academic strength. But we're also looking for aptitude and commitment to enter the legal profession or go on to into one of the public services that want qualified lawyers within them.

With our academic courses we're looking for academic strength. We're looking for ability to critique. Ability to show an awareness of broad issues. And ability, obviously, to present ideas in a incoherent and well thought though manner.

We're looking for students who can research and who are able to identify particular problems that they think it would be good to research into.

So just to give an idea of how we support students going into work, we have a full career service within the school. And, I think, one of the things that demonstrates the effectiveness of that is that over 97% of our students going out of the Law School are in employment within six months of graduating. And over 80% of those are in graduate level employment or further study. So I that's a, demonstrates really the ability of our graduates, the skills they get as they go through and the support that they get from the school to go out and get a job. Which is, after all, what it's all about.

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