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Postgraduate Article Archive

  • How to Make the Most of Postgraduate Open Days

    What to look out for, how to prepare, and key questions to ask on the day... If you’re contemplating doing a postgraduate course then you’ll probably want to go to an open day. The days where yo...

    07th May 2015
  • 9 Things to Immediately Delete From Your Postgraduate Application

    Clichés, exaggerations, and that Hotmail address you came up with when you were 15... So, you’ve written an application for your dream postgraduate course and you’re feeling pretty confident. But b...

    14th April 2015
  • How To Fund Your Postgraduate Course

    Knowing if you can fund your studying is a key deciding factor when taking a postgraduate degree, especially if you’ve still got a pesky student loan wrapped around your bank account from your undergr...

    06th December 2016
  • A Postgraduate Timeline

    "Where on earth do I start?" That’s generally the first thought that runs through everyone’s head as they start to consider studying at a postgraduate level. The questions can seem endless, what shall...

    04th January 2016
  • Should Masters Applications Be Creative?

    When you apply for a Masters Degree in the humanities or arts field, you may well feel like your childhood years of watching Art Attack are about to pay off. As many postgraduate courses require a cre...

    27th January 2016
  • Law and Legal Studies - Postgraduate Guide

    There are a wide range of postgraduate legal courses on offer in the UK. In England and Wales, for example, the Legal Practice Course and Bar Vocational Course prepare law graduates to practise as a s...

    14th July 2014
  • 5 Questions to Ask at a Postgraduate Interview

    It’s nail-biting stuff. You may have prepared religiously for this day; envisaging every possible question and formulating carefully thought out responses. But the bit when they ask ‘” Do you have any...

    19th July 2016
  • Department of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering

    Dr Costas Constantinou introduces the MSc Communications Engineering and Networks at the University of Birmingham.

    18th March 2016
  • How to Choose the Right University

    Sounds obvious, but choosing the right university and course to study is vital. Take a course you end up regretting and that’s a lot of studying hours, and more importantly, money, that you can’t get ...

    17th February 2016
  • How to Ace a Postgraduate Interview

    Knees shaking. Palms sweating. You’re currently sitting outside waiting for the interview which will determine whether you get accepted on your postgraduate course or not. Nervous? Don’t be. Well, try...

    16th February 2016