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Best Universities for Economics

Studying economics at university can help with building a base of understanding and skills needed for a successful career as a stockbroker, accountant or economist. Roles like these provide a valuable service to society, and can be incredibly interesting for those with an analytical mind. Many universities will offer courses in economics to train the next generation of economics professionals, but it can be difficult to know where to look when starting your research into courses. To assist with this, we have put together a guide about the best universities for economics, which will give students a handy starting point for their research. 


Best Universities for Economics 

According to the 2024 Complete University Guide league tables, these are the top universities for economics, based on a variety of factors including graduate prospects, student satisfaction, research quality and more. Students researching where to study economics should look at the course information for these three universities to find out what they could learn on the programmes. 

Top Choice for Student Satisfaction  

Student satisfaction is a measure of how satisfied students have been with the quality of teaching at a university, and it’s an important consideration for students researching potential institutions. Those looking to check out a university that ranked highly in student satisfaction should take a look at the University of Hertfordshire and its economics programmes. 

Top Choice for Graduate Prospects  

Another vital aspect the students should consider when looking for universities is graduate prospects, as this could impact finding a job after finishing a course. For economics, University of Bath was ranked high on the league table. It would be well worth the time having a look at the course information for Bath’s economics degrees should students be concerned about potential job opportunities post-university. 

Go to: Search economics courses at University of Bath

Top Choice for Research Quality  

Taking part in a research degree can give students the chance to make a wider impact on their field, and universities that have ranked highly for research quality could offer students more opportunities to contribute to this. London School of Economics and Political Science was the highest ranked for economics research quality, and also ranked highly overall for the subject. 

Go to: Search for London School of Economics and Political Science

Ranking Information Source  

The Complete University Guide’s league tables have been used to source the ranking information for this article. The league tables use data from the National Student Survey, the Higher Education Statistics Agency and the 2021 Research Excellence Framework, and the rankings are calculated using the Complete University Guide’s own methodology. 

Go to: See the 2024 Complete University Guide economics subject league table  

Student Reviews  

Several positive reviews have been left on Whatuni for the University of Glasgow by economics students, including a few five-star ratings. One student commented that “...The lecturers are also the best and take out time to ensure we understand what is being taught.” 

Go to: Search economics courses at the University of Glasgow

More Universities for Studying Economics 

To see every university that offers postgraduate courses in economics, please use our helpful course search tool. It allows students to explore all the universities which provide economics degrees, and filter by qualification, region, subject and more. 

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