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Angela Partington - Applicants and Employability

Last Updated:

15th July 2013

All of the courses are looking for in applicants are enthusiasm and motivation, and genuine interest in your subject area and some knowledge also, of your subject area.

It doesn't mean you already need a qualification in that area, because sometimes people are looking to change direction in their careers. But they need to be able to demonstrate that they've also already got some knowledge to start off with.

Ambition, and ability to work in a team I think is really important. And an ability to communicate, crucially important. Ability to generate ideas through research, very good, but they're skills that will obviously be developed while you're studying, as well.

All our courses are professionally focused, and as well as concentrating on your specialist area of interest all the courses will help you to develop your transferable professional skills. Because it's not just about enabling students to follow a professional career on graduating, but it's also about enabling them to be able to shape the future of the creative industries, because it's such a fast changing world. So it's about enabling them to follow successful, professional careers in jobs that we don't know. They don't exist yet.

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