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David Chadwick - Employability and Applicants

Last Updated:

16th July 2013

First Published:

10th July 2013


We take two types of applicants. We will take people with degrees in any subject, who want to learn about computer science. So that's, if you like, a conversion course where they'd come in, and they will learn computer science, and they've not studied it before. So they'll go out with an understanding of what computer science is and they'll be able to get a job in computer science. Then the other type are the advance MSc's, where we expect them to have a computer science or related qualification to come in and then they will study topics in more depth.

One of my research projects is looking at Cloud computing, and security of Cloud. There's an open source product called "OpenStack," which has developed by people all over the world. They have a bi-annual conference looking at how to develop the software in the next stages, and I went to their summit in San Diego. I actually met our students there. They'd been sent by CISCO to go on to the campus, as well. So, that was quite exciting.

In terms of employability, Cloud computing is really very, very big. Every company at that conference was saying, "We're employing now." They were just wanting people, and these are big American companies, and there is not enough people in America who can satisfy the jobs in Cloud computing. Which is why they're now looking to the UK and looking to employ people with the necessary skills in the UK, who can actually fill the jobs. Because the American graduate market can't satisfy it. So, it's a very exciting development.

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