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What’s Stopping You Applying for a Postgraduate Course?

Thinking about studying a postgraduate course but always get held back or delayed because of concerns or doubt?

Don’t let your worries and gripes put you off what will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. And with every possible problem you might perceive, there is a solution...


It’s Too Expensive

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This is often public enemy number one when it comes to stalling on that application.

Are postgrad courses expensive? Yes. But by no means do you need to be Richie Rich to take one on. Most students opt for a postgraduate loan. You don’t have to start paying it back until after you’ve completed your course and the rates are pretty favourable.

On top of that there are hundreds of scholarships and bursaries available. If you see one that suits you apply for it, in the end it has to be awarded to somebody and that somebody could be you.


I Want Some Time Out After Uni

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After three years at uni it’s understandable that you might want a break from academia. Although this is a very tempting option, continuing on to a postgrad course straight after your undergrad can be a better one. Not only are you familiar with studying, this seemingly natural skill can become quite alien after a few years out, but by the time you do enter the world of work for the first time you’ll be a glittering candidate with a lot of credentials under your belt.

And if you do or have opted for some time out after uni, don’t let that stop you from applying either, as you’ll have a wealth of skills and knowledge that will benefit you too.


I Don’t Want to Commit to a Career Yet

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And you don’t have to. Although it may seem that doing a postgrad course is a ticket to a specific job, in reality, just completing the course itself holds you in excellent standing – no matter what industry you decide to work in.

Of course you can complete a vocational course too, which will inevitably lead to a particular career, but there are always other branches to explore. You’ll be surprised, for example, how few degrees of separation there are between a masters in Law and a well-respected job in media.


I Don’t Want to Write Another Dissertation

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This is probably number two on the gripes list. After your first dissertation it’s understandable that the prospect of another one isn’t particularly welcome. But not all postgrad course even require one.

Take the postgraduate diploma (PgDip), this vocational qualification can be more like a training programme than an academic course. With a PgDip you’ll learn new skills and hone those you already possess in a ‘real’ working environment.


They Take Too Long

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Not necessarily. It’s true that some master’s degrees can take years to complete. But there are alternatives.

A PgDip can be completed in nine months, while some master’s degrees can be completed on a part-time basis. Of course there are options for remote learning too, so you can complete courses module by module allowing time for you to concentrate on other areas of your life.


I Want to Start Working Now

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After years of penny pinching as an undergrad student it’s very tempting to jump straight into a job after uni. But in the long run, your prospects will much better with a postgrad course behind you. It shows commitment, maturity, reason and really does make you stand out from the crowd in an ever more competitive job market. Employers will be impressed by a postgrad qualification, it’s definitely worth the wait.


I Don’t Have Enough Experience in the Subject

make it happen
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Get some then. Work experience placements don’t have to last for months and involve hours of tea and coffee making – although some will inevitably be involved.

Get in touch with employers and book yourself in for short two-week placements in the time before you hand in your application. In fact try a few if you can, not only does this look good, you will give yourself a wider understanding of the subject area too.


Next Step: Write Your Application


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