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Postgraduate Article Archive

  • The Pros and Cons of Being a Physician Associate Student: An Honest Account

    As someone who absolutely loves my course and is excited for my future as a physician associate, I am aware that my diary of a postgraduate series may portray the course as being all “sunshine and dai...

    18th May 2017
  • Diary of a Postgraduate: Ward Rounds

    Last time, when I wrote about what PA students do on GP placement, I mentioned that I was just about to begin my very first hospital placement. Myself and my coursemates were allocated to different...

    19th April 2017
  • Diary of a Postgraduate: What on Earth is Physician Associate Studies?!

    I’m now four weeks into my postgraduate studies and I’m absolutely loving it; I have made some great new friends and learned more in those four weeks than I thought was possible. One thing that has ca...

    01st November 2016
  • MD vs PhD - Which should You study?

    If you want to further your position on the career ladder within the medical profession, then a course of postgraduate study may be your best choice. However, there are two options available for those...

    21st January 2014
  • What Do Physician Associate Students Do On GP Placements?

    The last time I wrote about placements, I was just 7 hours into the whopping 1600 placement hours that PA students are required to complete in order to qualify. I have now clocked up around 56 hours, ...

    14th March 2017
  • What Is Occupational Therapy?

    Interested in a career where you can actually help people? Then occupational therapy might be for you. We explain what the subject is, where it can take you and why you should study it. Contents ...

    16th February 2017
  • Diary of a Postgraduate: Assessment Time

    In her latest diary installment, Physician Associate Studies student Aimee takes us through her first ever Objective Structured Clinical Examination. This month I’ve had my OSCE. OSCE stands for O...

    03rd January 2017
  • Diary of a Postgraduate: Fire Up Those Brain Cells!

    After reflecting on my undergraduate years, and psyching myself up for the start of my postgraduate life, my adventure is now officially beginning. I have moved back to Swansea, secured a part time jo...

    29th September 2016
  • Diary of a Postgraduate: Exams Already?!

    So November is drawing to an end, and in medical school, this means it’s time for exams. Since my last blog, I have completed the cardiovascular block of the course, covering hypertension, valvular...

    02nd December 2016
  • The hours spent studying Medicine: An explanation of contact time

    Dr Amanda Tonks, Lecturer, explains the range of contact hours students may experience whilst studying postgraduate courses at Cardiff’s School of Medicine. Whether entirely distance based learnin...

    21st May 2014