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Why do a Postgraduate Degree in Business?


Business is a highly competitive area, which is why a postgraduate degree is an especially good idea if you want to succeed.  They aren’t exclusively for those with an undergraduate degree in Business, either, so if you’d like to switch focus following your degree, or you think a career change might be a good idea, read on. 
From sustainability to tourism, finance to commercial management, postgraduate degrees in business lead to excellent rates of employability. Most are taught by business professionals, so the opportunities for building networks whilst you study are wide, and it’s often possible to get a shoe in the door well before you’ve finished your qualification. 
Unlike many postgraduate degree subjects, many universities will consider applications from students without a first degree, if they have significant experience working in the sector and can demonstrate an aptitude for academic study.  The added benefit of deciding to do a postgrad business course whilst you’re working is that some employers are willing to cover the costs of courses for employees who want to develop their skills, so you could end up doing it for free!
To apply for a course, you will probably need to write a personal statement explaining your reasons for pursuing postgraduate study, as well as selling yourself as a suitable candidate for study at masters or doctoral level. 
Once you've gained your postgraduate qualification in business, you can expect to improve your salary substantially – professionals who take a break to study often end up in director roles, or can go on to become management consultants. 

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