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Andrew Watson - Course Overview

Last Updated:

29th July 2013

The Department offers a range of different post graduate courses, both taught and research-based. My involvement is all on the taught side. We offer distance learning programs across a range of issues; information rights, mental health, medical law, and others. As well as a number of commercial LM programs both on a distance learning and on a full time basis.

Within LLM distance learning modules, with I'm involved with, we are looking to provide students with really an in depth and critical understanding of the legal issues within their field. We focus on issues around research, around critical and analytical thinking. Instilling in the students in the ability to not just to find and understand the law, but also to be able to deconstruct it and to make use of it in a detailed way.

We also have very practical focus on our LLMs The information rights one, which I program lead, for example, is based on abilities and practices. It's focused and targeted towards practitioners and their ability to use the relevant legislation and to understand how they interact with each other. Well, because we are a distance learning part time course all of our students are already in work when they actually come to us. It's not a program normally which would be taken by an undergraduate student who is just looking to move into post graduate work. They already tend to be working mostly in the public sector, but also in the private sector in areas related to freedom of information, access to information and data protection. Our student body so far has had students from a whole range of diverse organizations; local authorities, pretty much every central government department, non departmental public bodies, the BBC, the information commissioners office, the information tribunal. So we've had students from a whole wide range of backgrounds that have come to join us.

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