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Gill Scott - Department Overview

Last Updated:

12th June 2014

p>There's two main areas that we do post graduate courses in. One is for teacher's training, for people who want to become a teacher, after they've done their first degree. The other one is for people working in education, in all sorts of settings, who want to go on and do a masters degree or a research degree.

If you've already got a degree from a UK or an international university, you can apply to come on a post graduate course for teacher training. It's a one year course and we run them for primary, for secondary, and for post-compulsory education, depending what they want to teach. We run them for all secondary subjects that are offered in the national curriculum and right across the whole primary phase including early years.

If you're vocationally oriented, you can go into work post compulsory education and we have specialist students and things there to support all of that. Most of your time will be spent out in a school or a college, but you'll also have the full support of the university behind you and visits from your tutor when you're out at post.

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