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Helen Hudson - Department Overview

Last Updated:

29th July 2013

My name is Helen Hudson, and I'm the head of postgraduate professional law courses at Nottingham Law School. Those courses include the Legal Practice course, the Bar Professional Training course, and the Graduate Diploma in Law, which is the Law Conversion course if you've done an undergraduate degree in a subject other than law.

We're quite a large department, and we just had built a number of courtrooms. They are purpose-built courtrooms where we hold a lot of our classes and teaching, in particular our advocacy. We also have mooting rooms that students and people from outside, so practitioners, use to conduct moots and mooting competitions. We have a full suite of lectures and teaching rooms, all of which have been refurbished in the last couple of years, so all pretty much state of the art.

Because what we are what we call a full-service law school, we offer both undergraduate and postgraduate courses right up to LLMs and the like, we're able to offer students a very integrated approach to law. Whatever their career aspirations are, we're able to offer courses which are tailored to them and help them to achieve those aspirations.

The other thing that I think is a strength is that we take a very personal approach to our teaching in that we know our students very well. We have a very comprehensive personal tutors scheme, and we make sure that at the priority and at the heart of everything we do is the student experience.

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