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Helen Hudson - Employment Prospects

Last Updated:

12th July 2013

Well, when they completed the legal practice course, they go into jobs to be solicitors, so, into training contracts or paralegal work. And again, if you look on our website, you will see that out statistic for students who are employed in the legal sector, after completion of the LPC here, is second to none and we have dedicated careers advisors. Each student has a named careers advisor and one of the key aspects of the work we do here is employability. It's all about the employability for our students and we believe that we can add value to student's CV's, in all the work that we do.

In terms of the Bar Professional Training Course, we also have extremely high pupilage figures and again, we have dedicated careers advisors, who can help to gain pupilages and other employment. One of the things that we pride ourselves on here, is that if you come to us, we will offer you the opportunity to do work that will help improve your career opportunities. And a really good example of that is the, Pro Bono clinic we have here where you can actually advise members of the public. We also bridge to practice modules, which bridge the gap between your studies and when you go into work and we have the professional practice lecture series where leading practitioners come to talk to students about what its like out in practice and what they're looking for when they are looking to employ graduates.

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