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John Coggon - Law

Last Updated:

29th July 2013

In the law school here we provide quite an inclusive environment with a whole mix of students and staff who enjoy each other's research and share in each other's experience through seminar programs and more or less other informal meeting places. I'm proud of the way South Hampton deals with its post-graduate community and really includes it within the wider academic community.

I certainly do think a Ph.D. will help advance people in an array of careers, I suppose that the first thing we might think of is people who want to go on into academia. So people who consider themselves as legal scholars and who wish to be professional legal scholars. These days I'd say that a Ph.D. is more or less essential to somebody who wants to enter an academic career and certainly studying here will help you with that, it's not just a question of being a good researcher but it's much more about the other abilities that you'll need to take forward and there's a strong emphasis within our Ph.D. program on training and skills-development.

The faculty within which the law-school is housed offers a fantastic range of training programs, but within the law-school itself we also offer our own training with a focus on, amongst other things, career development. We offer opportunities to many of our students to teach law, which is seen as an essential for career development, and also to develop administrative responsibilities such as running conferences or seminar series and the like. Perhaps providing research assistance to some of their academics here. We also, in that training, place an emphasis on how you can make your Ph.D. help and develop in a career or industry, or in government or in policy, and certainly a law Ph.D. has applications there, too.

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