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Kay Wheat - Department Overview

Last Updated:

12th July 2013

My name is Kay Wheat and I'm a Reader in Law at Nottingham Trent and I'm the program leader for the master's program in law. This consists of a number of different streams including corporate law, insolvency law, international trade law, intellectual property law, employment law, competition law, health law, sports law, and some public international and international criminal justice streams.

The actual formal contact time for a full-time student is six hours per week. They undertake three modules in the first term and three in the second, and each module is taught in classes of two hours. In addition to that, of course, there is more informal support and some dedicated lectures on legal research and writing and legal method. They do get an individual supervisor for their dissertation topic, and they see that supervisor as and when they need to.

It's a very flexible program. I've said that we offer streams in wide varieties of area of law, and students can take master's courses that combine one or more of those streams. They can choose modules that have a certain coherence and therefore leave the law school with a joint master's or a major-minor master's as well as a dedicated single stream master's.

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