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Lynne Livesey - Department Overview

Last Updated:

12th July 2013

We cover both the professional postgraduate qualifications. If students want to come to us, they can go on to qualify as a solicitor. We've been running the courses for over 40 years, so we've lots of experience there. And we've also got a very large research department. So we have, I think, the second highest, essentially, job research students within the Law School in the northwest. So quite a number of our research students are sitting for PhDs. Quite a number are studying for MPhil or LNN by research.

So we also offer the taught master's programs and we have a generic program. But we also have quite a specialism in advanced legal practice, in international business law, employment law. And a new program that we're bringing on stream is around energy law and security and international human rights.

Within the Law School, we're based in Harris Building, which is the oldest part of the University. We have, as you can see, I'm sitting here in our mock courtroom. So this is a courtroom that is particularly used by our postgraduate students who are studying to be solicitors and on our continuing professional development courses.

We've also got several legal skills recording suites. We have a very wide range of legal learning resources. We have a library that's open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And within Harris Building itself we also have three skills suites and IT rooms which are dedicated to the students on the postgraduate professional and academic courses. And there are printing facilities available for those students too.

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