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Penny Carey - Legal Practice Course

Last Updated:

29th July 2013

The whole emphasis is on the quality of the student experience. We're very pleased that we have a very vibrant and diverse student body on our LMN in particular. And we ask students to bring the different perspectives to the study, and we incorporate that into the teaching. Because what we're recognizing is that we're preparing people these days for global legal practice.

So, that brings on us to the legal legal practice course. This is obviously the professional stage of training. We recognize that it's important to make the transition from the academic to the practitioner stage of training. And that's why our LPC is taught by experienced practitioners, people who can bring that real world experience into the classroom, and it makes all the difference.

Again, we offer small class sizes, and recognizing that people now are beginning to need to develop legal work experience at this stage of the career. We offer the full-time route in a very flexible way. Requiring students to actually only come in for face to face classes one day a week, on a Wednesday whilst enabling them to carry out a full diet of study through online and blended learning sessions.

But all of these sessions are fully supported by the staff. Students receive individual feedback. They also, again, as with the GDL, get outlined answers to all of the problems that they deal with. I'm very pleased to say that we have extremely high pass rate levels on our legal practice course. And our LLM, and our graduate diploma, and legal studies, too. I think all evidence of the fact that the quality of the student experience we offer is second to none.

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