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Peter McEleavy -Department Overview

Last Updated:

12th July 2013

At the School of Law we have seven programs leading to the ward of the LLM degree. Five of those programs are full 12-month programs here, which can either be studied on a full time or part time basis. We have international commercial law, which is our most popular; corporate and commercial law, environmental law and sustainable development, international criminal justice and human rights, and international law. And we also have two innovative joint LLM programs.

We have a joint program in international commercial law with the University of Cergy-Pontoise, which is just outside of Paris. That entails students studying two thirds of the 12 months here, so a semester and then a dissertation. And they spend a semester following courses through English at Cergy-Pontoise.

The other joint program, which is also extremely popular is the joint LLM in comparative and European private international law. And that's with University of Toulouse in the south of France. And the basic structure is the same; students spend two thirds of the time here, and spend a semester at Toulouse, again studying their courses through English.

The only difference between the two is that the Toulouse joint LLM is a January start, so students begin here in January, complete their semester of private international courses, then their dissertation, and then in September they go off to Toulouse and spend a semester there.

What I look for, I sort of head up our recruitment team, we look for students who are highly motivated, who have performed extremely well in their home jurisdiction. For UK students we require students to have a good 2.1 degree. For students from other jurisdictions, which don't necessarily have the same type of classification as we have here, we look for students who come within the top third of their national rankings. And, of course, for students who don't come from a country, an English speaking jurisdiction, we require an IELTS score of 6.5, with a minimum of 6 in the writing component.

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