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Predictions for the Future of the Working World

It is no secret that the working world is changing significantly. In fact, it is a common belief that many of the jobs which graduates of the future will be doing don’t even exist yet – and equally that many jobs which we see being done every day will be redundant or replaced by artificial intelligence or machines in the not too distant future.

Although it can be difficult to know exactly what the future has in store for the working world, it is possible to make some predictions about where we are heading.

Technology and Engineering

One thing that is for sure is that we will be relying increasingly on technology and engineering. Whether it is to make processes more efficient, make working logistically easier, improving hygiene, better health and safety – or something else – technology is certainly going to be central to the world of work in the future.

Hunter Selection’s Director of the Technology Division, Robert Baxter states that “We have seen a huge upturn in demand for staff within the technology sector over the past 5 years, and the need for skilled individuals will only continue to grow as the sector evolves. It’s a great time for young people to study technology-related subjects and immerse themselves in an industry where they will have unprecedented opportunity to grow and develop a career in the years to come.”

Many people predict that there will be fewer jobs available, but many of those who are in the know suggest that the introduction of technology will produce more jobs (albeit doing different tasks to now). We will see a greater need for engineers of all types who can help to develop the technology to enable our businesses to be successful.

Flexibility in Working

With better communication technology, predictions show people having greater flexibility in where and when they work. People are putting an increasing priority on their quality of life and making their work fit in around it. This might result in an increase of freelancers and people setting up their own business, as they become responsible for selling their own skills and time to companies that are looking for them.

Freelancers have more control over their work-life, and businesses like to use them for their flexibility.

Working as a freelancer or running your own business is a viable option for many people – including students and recent graduates.

The Work Environment

For those that are based in offices, the office environment is also changing beyond recognition. We are seeing more workspaces being adapted to help employees work effectively as we delve and learn about the psychology of work.

Building in a creative environment for marketers is proving to be beneficial for the ad agencies, collaborative workspaces are important to those who work across different disciplines and environments which enable figures people to focus are becoming increasingly popular amongst modern businesses, and these attitudes are likely to spread across the workforce as a whole.

We are likely to see a humanising of the work experience for those who are based in work, with businesses making efforts to make the experience of going to work as comfortable as possible. Again, this is something that we are seeing in certain forward-thinking companies through the addition of staff games rooms, different staff food options, an emphasis on ‘giving back’ and interior decoration.

The Individual at Work

As much as we work in teams in the workplace, we are set to see more and more that the individual is also being championed in the future. This has already been touched on when we talked about the employee experience but there are also other considerations that will need to be made. For example, we will almost certainly see people working to an older age and business will need to think about adapting job roles and the workplaces accordingly. A greater desire for progression and further education at work as more people look to climb the career ladder and a broader degree of inclusion throughout society will also need to be taken into account.

Career progression looks set to be different in the future to how it is now and has been in the past. Whereas before we might have added to our knowledge about the job roles that we are doing, it seems that in the future the skill sets which are developed will be more crafted to the individual’s strengths and passions. This means that we are due to have a generation of individuals who all slightly differ to each other, with their own unique set of skills and leading the way to more innovation and development.

Of course, we can never be sure of exactly what the future holds for the planet, and especially the world of work. However, the signs are there, and we can expect forward-thinking businesses to shape the world we work in. Even with all the innovation and technological changes happening around us, one thing is for certain though, the world of work in the future is far from redundant.


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