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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Coventry University

Psychology MSc


Adebukola Omowunmi - April 2022

nil read full review
I would like to share some of my view points regarding the University and it's atmosphere, but before that I would like to mention that our professors and really helping and supporting.

1. In the University there are regularly great programs are being organized by the students, however there is no update to the students what exactly is going in the Hub area and maximum of the student are not aware of the things which are happening in the university.
However, the best solution to let student know what exactly is going on in the university. they should get a link a week before about that specific program so that individual can take part in that or attend that function as well.
2. No connection between the students- We all came from different parts of the world and no body is that connected with the students or faculties. If the connection or bridge between the students is really good then in future it will be great for that student and the University also.
Moreover, I believe the solution for this is Common games and from each course people should get involve and some fair in which every individual is representing their course. This will be helpful for the student to learn about his/her course and good for the University too so they can promote their different course.
For now if the team will consider my two points that would definitely make our university lively and they can also conduct inter-University competition every month for each course. I believe interaction will definitely teach student more things about the world and if different students of different University will connect then the knowledge will surely rise with time.

Thank you read full review
Student support could have been better and more interactive sessions can be held. read full review
The engagement is second to none. Even whilst in my home country, I was invited to participate. If I could be welcomed even though I was a stranger, just how involved I would be as one of their own...

I attended the Open Day held at its appointment time and my concerns were answered.

It helped me prepare beforehand and now that I am here, it almost seamless!

My Course Director is a legend as well as the other staff members there!

Despite the restrictions, it was easy to adapt to the curriculum and I don't regret it.

I understand that due to the large volume of applications, there were bits of delays; yet it was all sorted out in time.

It raised a lot of concerns on how can I adapt to a culture other than mine, yet I am overcoming them with the help of the Staff and Student Union.

I guess my main challenge is the weather.
I was fortunate to arrive when it was 15°C.

Can't wait for how Summer is like! read full review
Most academic and wellbeing staff are really supportive. However, the university SLT does not engage with students outside of the hirarcy of the SU. Also, they do not support any who need additional assistance like Neurodivernce etc. read full review
Its an all inclusive university. The process of enrolling students should be improved. Most international students end up being taken to courses they never applied for. read full review

Biotechnology MSc


Harmeet - April 2022

Well I’m currently facing an issue and I didn’t get response from the university. It’s always like that read full review
I enjoy the support and the platforms to access support from tutors and classmates, this makes the learning experience more personalised. read full review
Coventry University allows and encourages you to develop your skills and gain massive knowledge throughout. Specially having facilities and campus open at times that accommodate every need.
It could improve in relation to registry being less strict towards students and the difficulties towards theirs personal lives.
I realise it’s difficult to always believe in students, but they don’t allow students to have “burnouts”, and time to figure out how to handle they’re personal work life and studying. Speaking as a working student, I’ve chosen part-time Masters in order to balance work life, which in the end was very hard and nearly impossible to balance. I could never be 100% focus. Other countries offer you the possibility to prove you’re a worker and the ability to accommodate both with alternative schedules for deliveries and possible exams.
If we chose and pay to study, the university should be on our side to achieve better. read full review
best experience is one to one tutor support

worst experience is lack of support with my assignment read full review