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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Queen Mary University of London

The best part is the library is open all day. The worst part is teachers and staff reply email lately. read full review
Worst is you get lost a lot at the start. read full review
I've really enjoyed my MA course. It's provided me with a broad overview of literature and allowed me to engage in intellectually stimulating discussions. Although, I do wish this particular course had more modules to choose from that were related specifically to postcolonial literature as I only had one module related to this area.
The staff are extremely knowledgeable, supportive and accommodating and it's great that students have the freedom to choose their dissertation topic without much restrictions.

QM also has a very welcoming and diverse campus which allows students to feel at home during their studies. This is helped with their broad range of facilities including a prayer room, cafe, restaurant, bank, GP and advice services. I've met many students from all around the world which is always insightful!

read full review
I appreciate the self-contained campus at Mile End with residences, library, convenience store, etc. I wish Lincoln’s Inn had more facilities or bigger space for a cafeteria at least.

Sometimes the actual support does not live up to what it’s claimed to be, such as those at Residences Reception/Welfare—depends a lot on who the RA is when you visit. read full review
Great Place Study:
1. Reputation; 2. Research Facility; 3. Entrepreneurship Opportunities; 4. Community Engagement Opportunities; 5. Collaborative Programs with other Universities.

Things to Improve:
1. Student to staff ratio; 2. More part-time work opportunities for students read full review
QMUL has a great campus in Mile End, East London with everything you need on it. There are also enough options in terms of restaurants around it and the location is not too far out from the city center.
The facilities are great: study rooms on the 7th floor with a view, the library, cafés, bar, canteen, kitchens that students can use, the gym on campus, I would say everything is in top condition. There are some constructions that have been going on for a while now, but hopefully those will come to an end soon. read full review