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Chris Pawson - Strengths

Last Updated:

11th June 2013

Strengths of the school are the applied nature, the fact that we've got so many applied professional doctorates and masters program. A student who comes to the School of Psychology to study is going to get access to not just expertise in the field from practitioners, but also a range of different perspectives.

A child and educational psychology student is going to be interacting with clinical psychology postgraduates with occupational psychologists, which gives a really broad perspective on the discipline. We've got a strong cohesive student body, and we have societies within the school that nurture that as well.

I think the other thing, in terms of employability, is that because we've got practitioners teaching in these programs, they're well-informed about the up to date areas in the field, and they provide an employer engagement input into the design of those programs, which is a real positive.

Then of course, a strong focus on, where possible, providing placements. Not just in postgraduate study, but under graduate as well. Whereby we are encouraging our students to go out and gain experience in the LHS or in large organizations if they're an occupational psychologist. Those placements provide an edge in terms of employability after the student has graduated.

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