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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Edge Hill University

Overall, my experience so far has been overwhelmingly positive. The support and facilities offered are fantastic and ideal for postgraduate level. However, even despite these facilities I'm not sure that I would have liked to spend my undergraduate years here based purely on the location of the University and this is exacerbated by the severe lack of parking. read full review
My experience at the university has been really good hence the fact I have decided to continue with postgraduate study. However, I do think that the graduate schools is ran very poorly and could be coordinated a lot better, they don't seem to converse with supervisors or give out the appropriate documents which has made life a lot harder for students and supervisors. read full review
Positive overall, some room for improvement reference SU but overall not bad.

Would reccomend it for future students but as long as they are aware Ormskirk isn’t as lively as many other uni towns. read full review
Whilst I have enjoyed my time so far, the organisational and communication skills of my department leave much to be desired and the issues around placement allocation and management have caused many of my peers severe stress. The course is reknown for being very intense, and whilst ample support has been given to support our mental health throughout the course, these issues have done nothing to help.Given this, I am sad to say that I find it difficult to believe that Edge Hill has a gold standard for the course and is ranked as one of the best in the country for teacher training. read full review
The university experience has been great. The course I am on means that I am not really in university a lot of the time, however, I have had no problems with the university so far. read full review
I love being at uni. When the time comes to leave uni for good it will definitely be missed. Going to uni is the best decision I have ever made. I have met some great people, lifelong friends and had unforgettable experiences throughout my university life. I will greatly cherish those memories. read full review
have been happy. it works well for me in my current situation. read full review

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Rahul Mohan - December 2018

Good. Started with lot of expectations. 50 percent of those met but I am not satisfied with many things which they could give us but not for several reasons. I don’t know if part time works like that read full review
Lots of support given and really enjoyable. I would recommend the university to people wanting to go into teaching early years education. Friendly and helpful atmosphere. Just a little disorganised at times. read full review
I enjoy university but think the workload can be too much sometimes. If assignments were spaced out evenly then it wouldn’t be too bad. But overall the help and support you get is great. read full review