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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Greenwich

It's been great to arrive abroad and start a postgraduate degree. The uni experience is quite different then I'm used to and has been good so far. The level of the topics we're handling in class is quite high but we take to long to handle each subject. With more self-study and exercises we could've been further. read full review
I enjoyed my course so much and met people from all over the world which gives an extra to the course since this intercultural interchange gives you different perspectives and understanding from different cultures. read full review
Overall, my experience is great and I would highly recommend this university. I think that you can learn many things at this university and you can also improve your working and analytical skills. read full review
The university is really renowned and huge . The study is also amazing but I feel like classes should have mix cultural backgrounds students because now classes are divided with students that have same culture or are from same continents read full review