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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Greenwich

9/10, thats how much i would give it. You can study and maintain a social life at he same time over here. Nothing here is going to depress or stress out. You will have a wonderful year . read full review
I am really enjoying both the academic challenge and the social aspect of the University. Also due to the location of the University ( London) I feel I will benefit greatly from the networking opportunities as the students are from a variety of backgrounds. read full review
The university experience is great, the facilities, the atmosphere and the course are great. I am able to focus and study when I need to and also enjoy student life at societies. read full review
I really like my university, it are changing my way to think and opens my mind. This experience are improving my skills, it gives to me the opportunity to meet new people, enrich my knowledge through the teaching of truly educated professor. read full review

Social Work, MA


Cindy - September 2019

It have been an awesome experience especially meet so many new people the diversity is just amazing. The way the teachers want you to succeed and are always willing to help when needed. Turn around time for questions to be asked are also great. read full review
Everything happens quick. Your queries will be attended pretty quick. I love the overall experience so far. Tutoring and lecturing classes are well maintained. Guidance from the lecturers are very useful. read full review
I am really enjoying my course although i find it very hard work. Think the course is great.
Admin side of things lets the uni down, generally very disorganised read full review
Honestly. I am pretty dissatisfied and would not advise any one to attend the university. In terms of quality of teaching....I would choose the best ranked university you get into over location of central London. In terms of organization....prepare to be a guinea pig. In terms of administration will need a few days of admin your self just to deal with the confused nature of this institution.

As a post grad, I am unhappy with the level of support I receive or at least who I am receiving it from and find the course has actually ripped my passion away from the subject. I often wonder if I would be better at teaching my peers then my tutors who have taught me.

The admin is shockingly disorganized. Yet again, nice to speak to but I do wonder if would do a better job. And if you decide to attend, do not ever offer to be the person who is refunded by the university for things like degree shows they will take months to return it and send it to the incorrect account.

Regardless of where you go architecture school will inevitably stressful and you need to prepare to work 70 hour weeks at points. However, in retrospect, I would have chosen a different school if I knew who my tutors were, the courses I would actually be taking (not what they tell you in your interview or online) with the hope of finding somewhere that actually inspired me. read full review
Except ,the video recordings overall I felt university of Greenwich is a great place to study and learn which will be helpful to add colours to your carrier .I feel I'm privileged to have studied from the university. read full review