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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Stirling

Amazing! I like very much since the accommodation until the classes. All the staffs and trachers are friendly and help a lot the students. Also I met a lot of international friends and is very greatful to share the knowledge and experiences with them. read full review
Its been quite nice till now
Apart from the inability to join clubs and to represent university without paying, no other problems

I would definitely recommend the university to other students because of the facilities, environment and course read full review

MSc Big Data


Lassa - December 2018

My experience has so far been great. From the first day I arrived in the city and next day at the university. I found help everywhere I turned. I made wonderful friends and still making from local and international as the university provides a wide range of international community making it a global institution.
The academic programs also provide the right directions, supervisions and resources to support my needs though as Oliver Twist I cannot but always ask for more. Smile.....
It's a great time am having here and hopefully more will be making more memorable moments and excellent experience of my life and time here. read full review

If you are looking for a tranquil setting for your studies with eveything else that come with it, then Stirlng is the place to be

You will not be disappointed. A welcoming student and staff bodies. read full review

MSc Health Psychology


Student Reviewer - December 2018

Positive. Personally very challenging from anxiety in the past but overcoming it slowly. Glad i went back to university and would always suggest university as it is a wonderful experience read full review
I would say very exciting- stimulating and challenging, as I had to get used to many new thinks, so sometimes I felt overwelmed, but what is important is that studying abroad is a life experience that transforms you totally , giving you the ability to rethink about everything, as you'll getting to know better yourself read full review

MSc Big Data


Shnaiyujaw - December 2018

Good facilities, comfortable daily study read full review