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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Brunel University London

Campus life is awesome, but accommodation should be mixed as in the halls should have students from different countries. read full review
very good, some areas in library such as the toilet need renovation and reconstruction. Also library needs to be a quit place for studying, in this institute is not. read full review
I like that it is situated in a nice part of London with nice buildings and a spacious aesthetic of the campus, the only downside is that it is still far to travel. read full review
What stood out to me from the beginning of my experience with Brunel is how helpful and accommodating the university is towards its students, in every aspect. I have attended other universities in the UK as an international student and never felt as welcome and supported as I have at Brunel - even at top ranking universities, I felt like I was treated as an ATM machine rather than a young human being in an unfamiliar territory who is hoping for guidance and support and a university that cares about me.

In terms of improvement, the campus could benefit from an indoor swimming pool, and the campus accommodation contracts should not be so rigid considering that there are different intakes and not all courses run the standard September-September duration. The Students Union elections need to figure out a different election system as winners are always from places that make up the majority of the student body, i.e. students are voting on favouritism instead of merit. read full review
Brunel University is having a very diverse culture, which enables us to join people from different part of the globe from different experiences and cultures. This environment gives best learning experience especially for Business studies. read full review
I am a student at Brunel and I'm studying online while I'm working. I think is great to provide the opportunity to complete the master's online and provide great help at the same time. The tutors, the staff they all been so helpful making my journey a lot easier than i thought. read full review
Brunel university is great at providing the feeling of belonging to a certain community. Student help is a priority to them to help guide you through not only your studies but also personal development. There is also plenty of extracurricular activities whether fun or academic that you can certainly include in your CV. However, the university should improve its administrative facilities in which to be more precise in who to allow to join the course and assess correctly the capability of each student in order to elevate the academic level of a course. In addition, the university should provide more support to international students. read full review
As an online student, it's important to feel supported, and Brunel does this really well. From the application process - where you have a dedicated person to guide you through - to all the Academic Skills guidance sessions available, it's been really helpful so far. Most communication for us distance learners comes through the academic team rather than other staff, but that's to be expected. Since everyone had an experience of remote learning over the last few years, I think this has been helpful at making sure all facilities are available, such as careers consultations. read full review
Have better module leaders. read full review
Really good student support centre. Supportive and friendly campus faculty. Amazing resources in the library. Could be improved by having more face to face classes with the students (for my course). read full review